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Lochland was found attempting to cross a busy freeway with a canine companion. Lochland is a contented dog that is very relaxed and happy all the time, with a tail that never stops wagging!

Human habitat – Lochland is the perfect indoor dog!

Children – Okay, he hasn’t met them yet in foster care and his foster doesn’t have time to make one before he is adopted, but Lochland has the attributes and personality of a dog that would like children.

Quiet – Lochland rarely barks and has a laid-back attitude.

Intelligence report – Lochland is a smart dog that knows several commands. He likes to please people, and is trainable.

Lochland is a rescue dog that will love you unconditionally! He would be a great companion dog for just about anyone, and could easily adapt to apartment life. Meet Lochland and find your new life partner!