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A puppy at heart, Tuck is a sweet and cuddly dog that gets excitedly enthusiastic and wants to play! Tuck is learning and experiencing so many new adventures since being rescued that he is constantly excited about all of these new and wonderful things in life!

Super Spidey senses – Tuck must have known that his foster would be his savior, as he immediately came up to her group and would not leave her side at the park.

Everything is cool! – Life is now a smorgasbord of people, places and other dogs! The only thing better would be to experience it with you!

Chewing – Like most Labs, Tuck likes to chew on toys like rawhide and others designed for maximum chewing enjoyment!

Agreeable – Tuck is laid back and okay with whatever you are doing around him.

Canny – Tuck learned to “sit” in one night. He is getting better and better on a leash.

Tuck is a friendly, smiling dog that wants to be your friend. He’s been hungry and homeless, and much prefers living with people who care. Tuck is energetic and will able to participate in your active lifestyle or going for walks and the dog park. Mostly, Tuck is a furry bundle of love! Tuck really wants to be your number one canine companion!