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Gal was found in Galveston’s east end. Gal is a wonderfully sweet dog with an agreeably laid-back demeanor. Gal’s good-looking appearance reflects her retriever heritage. Gal will be an excellent addition to your family!

Smart! – In addition to being crate, leash and dog-door trained, Gal knows several commands.

Children – Gal has not met children while in foster care, but retrievers are known as being great with kids! She would love to meet your family!

Thunderstorms – Gal is not bothered by loud noises or thunderstorms.

Pet peeve – When her foster sibling dog bothers her while she is sleeping. People can bother her, but not the dog!

When you consider Gal’s wonderful qualities, it all adds up to one super dog! Gal has so much to offer you. What will you offer her? Meet Gal, and you will definitely not want to go home without her!