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Roxy was pulled from an animal control death list by a no-kill shelter in a rural area of western Oklahoma. They thought she would have a better chance of finding a new home in a more populated area, so Roxy came to FFL. Roxy is enjoying life in Houston, but hopes to make it even better when she goes home with you!

Breed info – Adores hanging out with people; high-spirited; faithful; alert; well-mannered and responsive; personality galore!

Sporty! – Roxy has agility training potential, and will benefit from play and exercise to maintain her figure.

Strong personality – A female who knows what she wants, Roxy has a tendency toward being the alpha dog.

A girly dog – Roxy likes women best! She will warm up to men as well and then be their best friends but she has to check them out first!

House and kennel – Roxy is kennel trained and mostly house-trained. She is not destructive, and is not known to bark or howl. Roxy can come up with games to entertain herself—and you!

Roxy moved to Texas to start a new life and would like to start meeting people like you. She has heard about all of the nice people that come to the shelter, and while that is very nice indeed, Roxy would rather go home with you! If you are lucky, Roxy just might show you one of her silly ball games!