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Midge was spotted in Houston’s 2nd Ward with an embedded collar--caused by a dog’s skin growing over a too-tight collar. A potential death sentence, this was simply another hurdle to cross in helping this loveable dog become adoptable. Midge has received medical care, is on her way to a full recovery, and is now ready to meet the public.
We don’t know how long Midge lived on the streets or what she likes or doesn’t like. We do know that Midge is forgiving and resilient. Her life experience has made her a stronger dog, and her inner strength and serenity shines through everything she does--making her a champion!
Midge has touched the hearts of all who have met and handled her! Midge has a sweet and trusting demeanor. She is on her way to becoming an exceptional companion to a very fortunate individual.
Our promise to Midge is that she will never again wear a traditional collar. She now has a custom fitted harness to wear on walks.
Midge’s story is heart-wrenching, however; it shows the goodness that can arise from a tragic situation. Midge inspires that goodness, and she will continue to grow as a dog with a secure future when she goes home with you. Year after year, you will be happy that you were the one to give Midge the home she deserves!