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Jace is a happy dog that loves people! A member of the Labrador Retriever family, Jace will make a great family dog. Labs are easy to train and willing to cooperate. They love to play and go for walks. Jace’s is a natural, strong swimmer with a love for water!

Friendly – Jace gets along with dogs, cats and people. He is always happy to see you!

Going somewhere? – Jace loves to go along on car rides!

Smart – Jace knows many commands and can learn more!

Thunderstorms – Not a fan—just a little anxious.

Easy going – Jace is cool with pretty much everything you do with or for him!

Labs are one of the top choices for household pets for a reason; they have all of the desirable traits most people are looking for! Gentle, sweet, caring, and quick to learn, Jace will complete your family and add to your enjoyment of life!