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Playful and curious, Isabelle likes people and is looking forward to meeting you as she searches for a forever home. Isabelle is small in size, but has a huge personality!

Describe the dog – Friendly, likes to please, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing and trainable. She is very athletic and could be a good agility dog. She likes to be the one in charge – definitely dominate even as a puppy! A true leader.

Education – Isabelle knows many commands and is working on new ones!

Indoors – Isabelle is mostly house-trained and continues to impress!

Good attitude! – Isabelle takes everything in stride and reacts positively to new things that come her way.

Energetic – Isabelle may be small, but she can keep up with you!

Alert – Isabelle will let you know if someone is approaching!

Low-maintenance – Weekly brushings will be fine most of the time!

Keenly intelligent, Isabelle will be motivated to learn quickly, and will be sure to entertain you! Curious and independent, Isabelle should be able to entertain herself at times. Isabelle will be a remarkable companion in all you do, and will enjoy accompanying you to each day’s adventure!