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Lucy is a Shiba Inu mix, a distinctive Spitz breed native to Japan. This agile species, originally bred for hunting in mountainous terrain, is an ancient dog breed considered a national treasure in Japan. You will be fortunate to experience this very special dog!
The breed – Confident, intelligent and bold, the Shiba Inu may take charge if you do not assert yourself as pack leader. Shibas need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Harness leashes are great for Shibas, as many possess a strong prey drive. Socialization should be ongoing. Some consider the Shiba a doggy Einstein!
Particulars – Friendly and eager to please, Lucy is mostly house-trained and knows several commands. She does not bark unless there is a reason. Lucy gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.
Unflappable – Lucy responds well to everything that comes her way.
Cars – Lucy likes car rides, but has a tendency toward car sickness. FFL can give you tips to lessen this.
Good news – Lucy has displayed no destructive behavior or thunder phobia!
Imagine walking in a wooded area, Lucy by your side! There is much to see and investigate, which will stimulate Lucy--giving you the opportunity to experience life through her eyes. You may not have access to the forest, so a park will work too. The time you and your family members spend with Lucy will enrich your lives and boost her loyalty. Lucy is going to change your life for the better!