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Shepherd mixed breed dogs like Max make great family pets. They are energetic, food-motivated, and very friendly. Shepherds were originally bred to be working dogs, so Max will need daily exercise and time playing in a fenced yard or dog park.
Training: Max already knows the command sit, and will learn quickly when motivated by tasty treats! Max is close to being completely house trained.
Overeaters anonymous: Shepherds make you think that they are always hungry, and will eat more food than they should. Keep up with the exercise and don’t let those hungry eyes fool you into feeding Max too much!
Laid-back: Max has reacted positively to almost everything except for car rides and going to the veterinarian. Those events can cause a little anxiety. The good news is that Max can only be neutered once, so he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore!
Barking: Max barks to let you know if a person or dog is approaching.
Social: Max likes children, adults, strangers, and other dogs!
Max’s mild temperament make him a friendly dog that loves people. The shepherd in him adds a little pizzazz to his personality! Spunky, intelligent, and gentle, Max is a dog for your entire family! Max will add more fun to all of your activities! Meet Max, and you will have found your new best friend!