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Mia went through a lot during her time on Houston’s streets. It was a tough time, and she is not talking about it. Mia prefers to spend her time giving and receiving love and attention. Mia is house trained and has great indoor behavior!

Background – Mia is a sweet, easy-going dog. Life as a stray was very scary. Rehoming as a pampered pooch will teach Mia that she does not have to fear things that might have been frightening in her previous life. Mia is smart and will learn quickly!

Personality – Mia is friendly, shy, timid, hyper/energetic, enthusiastic, obedient, outgoing, calm, trainable, and adaptable.

Attention – Mia likes human attention and interaction. She loves to be petted and brushed. Mia has good manners!

Least favorites – Mia is not a big fan of thunderstorms and going for car rides but she is learning that cars can take her to fun places.

Mia is going to be an awesome family dog! Her award-winning personality will enchant and delight you! Mia needs someone like you to give her the home and family she deserves. In return, you will have Mia’s unfailing devotion and loyalty! You’ll feel like you won the lottery!