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Pecan is one of a bunch of nuts—oops!—puppies born to a stray Yellow Lab mix mother that lived under a house. Pecan is one of a litter of ten puppies up for adoption. It is one of the wonders of nature that stray dogs can offer you a healthy puppy that will be with you for many happy years!
Good quality food – Give puppy a well-balanced, age-appropriate diet. Give treats as rewards, not part of puppy’s diet.
Kennel and house training -- Teach your puppy that the kennel is a safe and cozy place. Take puppy outside frequently and tell him to “go potty” (or whichever term you plan to use). Reward puppy for doing it right! Remember, it is what you do that will enable your puppy to be successful! Set the stage for a favorable outcome, as puppy will want to make you happy!
Spaying and neutering – This is very important. An altered pet will be a much nicer pet to live with!
Socialization – Spend as much time with your puppy as possible. Allow your puppy frequent interaction with other dogs, people, and other animals. Puppies thrive with hands-on affection! Pet, brush and talk to your puppy frequently to deepen your bond.
Pecan is a Shepherd mix that will be a great family dog or buddy for a couple or individual. Being intelligent, curious, good-natured, and willing to please are just a few of the super qualities that make Pecan the perfect choice for that empty spot in your home and heart!