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How could someone have dumped Elvis?! He appears to be a purebred Boston Terrier. Elvis was abandoned at a gas station and found thin, covered in fleas, and suffering from a possible infected snake bite wound on his neck. After receiving proper care and nutrition, Elvis is ready to step out on stage! He is house trained, and will be a great dog for you with his perfect manners!

What does Elvis like? – Everything and everybody!

What bothers Elvis? – Nothing!

Tell me something about Elvis. – He gets hyper sometimes, but can also be calm. He is house trained and can roam the house without supervision.

Is Elvis smart? – Elvis knows one command and is obedient and trainable, so yes, he is intelligent! Boston Terriers like to learn!

Did you know – That some Boston Terriers are often intuitive to their owner’s emotions, and will adjust their behavior accordingly? Maybe Elvis will do this!

Whatever Elvis has gone through has not changed this sweet and loving dog. Elvis would be the perfect choice for someone that wants a mature dog that is playful, active, and likes to be part of the family.