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Bethany’s foster says that “It’s a Small World After All” is the perfect song to describe Bethany. In spite of having some tough times, this happy-go-lucky girl keeps a permanent smile on her face and a skip in her step! All she needs now is to find her forever home to give her the security of being unconditionally loved.

Bethany’s Basics:

Let’s Get Physical! Bethany is a high action gal! She loves running, playing, swimming, smelling new things, and meeting new people. If you love a nice walk or jog at the end of your day, Bethany is the perfect friend to come along with you!

Straight A Student: Bethany is one smart pup! She is house trained and knows the commands: sit, down, and off. She’s easy to train and would love to learn some new tricks with her forever family.

Perfect Day: Bethany’s perfect day would start off with waking up her favorite humans with some puppy kisses, and a quick wiggly snuggle. After snuggle time, she would go run and play with her person, then some house lounge time, maybe gnaw a couple of chew toys, another walk or jog in the evening, followed by more people time, and maybe a couple of licks of vanilla ice cream before drifting off into dream land to start the day over in the security of loving home again tomorrow. Come by and meet Bethany today! She can’t wait to meet her new best friend for life!