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Phoebe was the sole survivor of her litter. Neglected by their owner, the pups died or were killed until only Phoebe was left. She was hit by a car and left to heal—or not—on her own. Both hind legs mended incorrectly, so Phoebe limps. One leg is crooked. Still, Phoebe gets around okay! Things were tough, really tough, but Phoebe knew that someday, her life would change! You will play an important role in Phoebe’s future!

Confidence – Phoebe lived in a horrible environment and is gaining confidence! She is becoming less timid, and is great with cats.

Around the house – Phoebe is house trained!

Still a puppy – Phoebe chews a little.

Exceptional – She has webbed feet!

Check list – Phoebe made an “A” on her report card of having all of the doggie must-have behaviors. She still needs confidence interacting with other dogs, and has made great progress.

Phoebe is a survivor. She is so sweet. Even though she was not treated well early in life, Phoebe still trusts and wants to be with you—be loved by you! Phoebe is smart and loves going for walks. Phoebe needs you, but you won’t know how much you need her until you take her home!