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Buddy was dropped off in a neighborhood, where he patiently waited for about a week for someone to feed him. Unable to ignore him, his foster took him in and is helping Buddy find somebody to love. Buddy likes other dogs and likes to meet people.

What Buddy can do: He responds to the commands sit, come, and shake hands. Buddy is trainable and can learn more. Buddy will bark to let you know if someone is approaching.

Great all-around dog: Buddy is basically chill with whatever happens around the house. You can pet him, brush him, or pick him up and he is okay with that! He isn’t crazy about bath time, but knows it has to be done. All in all, Buddy is simply a good dog to live with!

Buddy will be an excellent companion dog, and will enjoy playing and going for walks with you. He will do double duty by letting you know when people are coming up to your door. Buddy has a lot of love to give, but just needs to find that special someone to give it to. Meet Buddy to find out if you are that special someone!