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Sadie was found cruising the bayou looking for treats that may have been left behind. She was a skinny girl, and in need of some sustenance. A friendly fellow saw her and knew that Sadie wasn’t an outside dog. He took one look into Sadie’s big ole’ brown eyes and just couldn’t leave her to fend for herself. Lucky for Sadie, FFL was able to step in and help this cutie out! All she needs now is a forever family to share all of her snuggles with. Could that be you?

Sadie’s Specifics
Snuggly Sadie: Sadie is a happy girl who loves to snuggle with her people. Two of her favorite things are giving kisses and getting pets! If you’ve got the time, this sweetie has the snuggles.

Smart Sadie: Sadie is house trained and knows sit, touch, and down. She is also crate trained, and loves stuffed animals, so make sure she has one of her “babies” to snuggle up with. She’s a smarty pants who loves to play fetch. The sky is the limit for what this straight A student could learn in her forever home!

Perfect Day: Sadie’s perfect day would start by waking up and giving her family as many kisses as they would let her give. She would follow up morning snuggle time with a nice breakfast, and then a brisk walk. Next would be a game of fetch, and/or chewing on her nylabone. She would cap the day off by laying down with her stuffed animal and her human and watching a movie. Rom-com’s are her fave, but it doesn’t really matter as long as she’s with you!

Are you the perfect family to show sweet, smart, snuggly Sadie what true love is? She can’t wait to meet you!