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Cute little Franklin needed help! He saw a nice woman out running and followed her for a mile or so, thinking that this kind person would finally be the one to help him. Franklin made a great choice! He had a flea and skin problem, and his fur was matted. It was more than he could handle on his own, and then there was the issue of tomorrow…and the next day, and so on. Franklin has tackled these issues and is ready to meet you!

Franklin is a super-sweet, cute and affectionate little dog!
Franklin will run or walk with you!
Franklin won’t hog the remote or complain about your music!
Franklin wants to be your best friend!

Franklin is okay for the time being, but he worries about his future. He needs someone like you to take him home. Franklin has what it takes to be a wonderful family member. Plan to meet Franklin, and see if you two make magic together!