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With the drama of a country western song, the parents of this litter were rescued after being hit by cars. Both survived, but managed to get in a family way before being altered. Momma dog is a 35 pound Shetland sheepdog mix, and the proud papa is a stocky 50 pound shepherd/chow mix. Willie, Waylon, Hank, and Bear are ready to meet you and bring music to your heart and home!
Here are some tips for training your new puppy:

Teach your puppy where he should relieve himself, and take him there to do his ‘business’. Your puppy will pick up on this training, as they instinctively wish to ‘go’ in a place other than their den/crate/home. Rewarding good behavior reinforces Puppy’s good work!

Exercise is vital! As your puppy’s pack leader, you must help Puppy to expend his energy in a safe manner! Exercise should be a part of your daily routine.

Health care is for dogs too! A nutritional diet, exercise, and regular visits to the veterinarian will keep Puppy safe and happy for many years! The veterinarian can guide you if you have questions.

Hank has been preparing for his life with you since the moment he was born! He is young, ready to love you, and prepared to work to become the most important dog in your world! Meet Hank, and allow him to be part of your life!