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Chiquis is a Belgian Malinois, similar in appearance to a German Shepherd, and often used as a service dog by the army and law enforcement. That should tell you that Chiquis is a smart dog! Chiquis had six puppies, and did a wonderful job of keeping them healthy under very trying circumstances. Chiquis deserves a medal of honor, which of course would come as a forever home with you!

Chiquis’s basic information:
She is highly intelligent.
She is very friendly and should have plenty of energy.
She likes people, children and kids, but hasn’t met cats while fostering.
She is a great mother—loving, caring, and intuitive!

Somehow, Chiquis ended up on the streets. Life was not kind to Chiquis, but she managed to hang in there until someone helped her. Now, Chiquis needs you to take her home for her “happily ever after” life. Chiquis will be an unforgettable dog that will give you all the love and devotion you’ve always wanted!