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Sweet Murray was rescued from kids on the street throwing rocks and yelling at him and another small dog. Murray is a really sweet boy who just wants to play until he is tired, and then cuddle! Murray likes to follow his foster family around and has quickly learned the rules of the house. He plays with his foster’s 1 ½ year old child and is trying to figure out the enigmatic world of cats. Murray is great with his foster’s 80 lb. dog!

Murray knows several commands. He is very smart!
Murray is great in the house!
Murray is okay with loud noises and thunderstorms.
Murray is working every day to learn all the things he needs to know!
When you look at Murray, you want to hug him!

Clearly, Murray is a super nice dog that would blend in with your life and family. Murray is still a puppy, but is mature enough to learn new skills quickly. Murray is an active dog, and would fit in with your lifestyle. Murray needs to meet and fall in love with someone like you! Meet Murray today!