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Some people combine the Labrador and Border Collie to create the designer dog called the Borador, while others, like Waverly, are created by a random pairing of dogs. Waverly is named after the daughter of Buttercup and Westly, who was kidnapped in the 25th anniversary edition epilogue of the book The Princess Bride. Waverly wants to be kidnapped--no, adopted!--by you!

Here is what we anticipate Waverly to be:
Friendly and easy to train
A dog that loves to run, play and swim
An intelligent dog that requires daily exercise to keep from getting bored
A loyal, eager, curious, confident and affectionate dog

Waverly will learn good manners and be a calm dog once she matures. She will love being around people and be eager to make new friends—both human and canine. Waverly will be an excellent companion for an active person or family! Waverly has packed her toys, and is ready to go home with you now!