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Holden is an adorable puppy looking for someone like you! He is a sweet lap dog that is perfectly content to be carried around! Holden is still learning the ropes regarding proper puppy behavior, but is smart and will learn quickly as you show him the ropes!

You might want Holden if:
You want a small dog that is sturdy and tough.
You want a dog that needs only moderate exercise.
You’d like a keen watchdog that doesn’t shed too much.
You’ve always had a secret desire for Toto from The Wizard of Oz!

Maybe you’ve had a terrier before and have fond memories. If so, then Holden is the key to your happiness and rekindling of special memories, while making new ones! Holden will be loyal to his family, curious, and an excellent companion! You won’t be able to resist Holden’s cuteness!