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Isn’t it amazing how some dogs instinctively know where they will find help? Violet was a stray who simply camped out at her foster’s home—along with her eight puppies! Most likely abandoned, Violet was very shy and has become more and more friendly. She is a gentle mother to her very active puppies, and weaned them without assistance from humans. Violet will be an excellent companion for someone that wants a calm, reserved dog.

Let’s learn more about Violet:
She is house trained and has exhibited no destructive behavior!
She will bark to alert you when someone is approaching your door.
She likes children and other dogs!
She is not bothered by thunderstorms or loud noises.
She has learned one command and can learn more!

Violet is a great dog and is more than ready to begin her new life as a member of your family! She has been blossoming in her foster home, and will continue this experience with you! Meet Violet, and like her eight puppies, you will adore her too!