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Isobel’s mother, Violet, was a stray who simply camped out at her foster’s home—along with her eight puppies! Most likely abandoned, This canine family has names from the TV series Downton Abbey.
Labrador-Shepherd mix puppies are known for being friendly dogs. From the Lab side, you get a puppy that loves humans and has a pleasing temperament. The Shepherd side adds zest to the mix, along with energy. Both Labs and Shepherds are known for their intelligence, trainability, and love of the great outdoors. The result is a great family dog! If you have youngsters, that is even better, as they mix well with the puppies’ exuberance! Lab/Shepherd mixes can have a high energy level, which is best channeled through play time and exercise.
Isobel is well socialized and ready to go home with you! Healthy and happy, Isobel will bring joy and happiness to your life! She can even stand on the examination table like a show dog!