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Dingle was found wandering in the forest with two other dogs in Leon County. Dingle is a delightful hound dog mix ready to be your best friend!
More about Dingle:
She loves to play fetch - she's really good at it, but she takes her time and then at the last minute pounces on it!
She is house trained!
She likes people and other dogs, and is protective of her person.
She will bark to alert you to someone at the door.
She likes to be petted, and doesn’t mind if you take away a toy.
She is not bothered by thunderstorms, but sudden loud noises can cause a little fear.
By adopting Dingle, you will have an instant friend for life! Hound dog mixes form deep bonds with their humans and show lifelong appreciation! Dingle will be affectionate, attentive, and a loyal companion. Take the first step, and meet Dingle!