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Dottie is an Australian Cattle Dog that has reddish coloring and is also called a Red Heeler. (If she were gray, she would be referred to as a Blue Heeler.) Dottie is an intelligent dog that would be ideal for active or sporty people or families. This is a clever, hard-working breed that will benefit from daily exercise!
Learn more about Dottie:
Dottie can smile - she looks like the doggie dentine commercials when she does it.
She is almost completely house trained!
She has displayed no destructive habits!
She likes people and other dogs!
She has great behavior and is okay with whatever you do.
She is smart and has already learned the command sit!
Dottie always wants to be in your lap and be petted! She loves to cuddle up with people and dogs! Dottie will be a fantastic companion, and would love it if she could always be by your side! Adopt Dottie, and you’ll have an instant fan club!