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Ethan was running down the road to nowhere when someone stopped to give him food. The food was interesting, even tasty, but Ethan chose to seize the moment by jumping into his savior’s car! Ethan was not about to leave that car until he reached a better place! From the beginning, Ethan has made it clear that he loves people and wants to be part of a family!

Get to know Ethan better:
He is house trained!
He loves chew toys!
He is smart, and has learned several commands so far!
He is excited to get food!

Ethan took charge of his life. Now, it is time for you to meet Ethan and see if you are ready for him to take charge of your heart! Everything so far in foster care indicates that Ethan is going to be a stellar buddy! He is easy-going and accepting of his current living conditions that limit his running around room, so he would be happy in an apartment or a larger space.
Aren’t you ready for Ethan to hop in your car and never look back?