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This snuggly Toto lookalike can’t wait to find her forever family to love. Sure, she’s a little girl, but Marley’s got a big, bright, outgoing personality.

Marley’s Details

Smart Cookie: Marley is smart and eager to please her human, combine those two things and you’ve got an above average pup on your hands!  She already knows a number of commands, including: sit, down, sit-up, and even shake!  This teacher’s pet loves to learn!

Can you say “Meow?”: While we can’t say for sure that Marley speaks Cat, we do know that she is well-behaved around her feline friends.

Miss Manners: Marley is perfectly housebroken and crate trained! She can also tell the difference between her toys and your precious possessions.

Unflappable: Marley is comfortable with the sounds of thunder, trucks, and … as her foster dad puts it, “anything quieter than a gunshot.” She also has no problem being left home alone, being approached by humans while eating her food, and being handled
all over. She is so comfortable with being handled that she even lets her foster brush her teeth and clean the tartar off of her teeth with a dental scaler!!

Social Butterfly: Marley loves activities like trips to the dog park, playing fetch (yes, she can bring the ball back!) and jogging. She’s even been trained to run politely alongside a bicycle!

… And a lapdog, too! Just as much as she’s into active pastimes, Marley ADORES a belly rub and a nice, long lap sit on the couch.
Come meet Marley, and she is sure to show you that there really is no place like a home filled with lots of terrier love!