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Watch Tank's Video

When Tank was found, he had a collar and tag that allowed his rescuer to contact his “owner,” who said that he ‘sold’ the dog five months ago, but would not give any additional information. This is just sad, as Tank is a wonderful dog that ticks off all of the items on your wish list when looking for your ideal canine companion!

Learn more about Tank:

• He is house trained!

• He likes everybody!

• He is laid back.

• He needs daily exercise!

• He is smart and easy to train!

Tank is extremely friendly! When he goes to the dog park, he greets everyone at the door. He has learned to sit during his time in foster care. Tank loves to walk, and his foster parent walks him twice a day for two miles at a time. An active dog like Tank will thank you for this daily exercise!

Tank is ready and waiting, and hoping that you will choose him for your forever friend!