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An all-around great dog, she is very loving, friendly, and super cuddly and squishy!

When a stray dog seeks shelter at a school, you automatically think they like kids--and seek knowledge! Blythe was wise in choosing this route to her future. Where else would Blythe be so fortunate to find someone who knew exactly what this special dog needed! Blythe is a very sweet and loving dog that likes everybody! She is cuddly, but a tad overweight right now, so she could use a good workout program!

Blythe loves being an only fur-baby. She has come from a hard life, and likes for her stuff to be her stuff! We can't really blame her. She can get along with other dogs if proper introductions are made and no food or toys are around, but would much prefer being the only dog in her household.

Blythe is a truly lovely dog that has an innate affection for family and friends. She has a lot to give, and she needs a home and family on whom to bestow all of this warmth and tenderness. When you think about it, Blythe meets most of the must-haves on your doggie wish list! Meet her, and you’ll see that Blythe will exceed your expectations!