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You might have noticed we’ve had winter in Houston this year. June knows all about it. June also knows the meaning of true love. The story of Johnny and June unfolds like a country western song…
When temperatures dropped into the 20’s recently, June showed up at Houston’s Fire Station 17 showing signs of hypothermia. The good guys in blue don’t just help people. They wrapped June in blankets and fed her, keeping watch as she slept. During the night, June slipped out. The firefighters thought she was gone for good, however; June came back with Johnny. He was shivering and suffering from the cold just as June had earlier. June had found a good thing, and she wanted Johnny to get help too! You may have seen their story on KHOU news.

The fire station was a beginning for June and Johnny. The next move is up to you. Maybe you are dog-less and have thought about adopting a dog—or two. You are familiar with the unconditional love and mutual admiration society that evolves when your dog owns your heart. You miss it. We have help for that!

June and Johnny have been very friendly with everyone they have met. They are inseparable, preferring to be walked together, and are comforted by each other. For that reason, they deserve to remain together. It might not be possible, but we believe there is someone out there that needs these two local heroes! If you adopt them, you’ll be a hero too—to June and Johnny! It’s time to make a difference in the lives of June and Johnny!