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Shapiro was rescued from being tied up with a cable in a junkyard, surrounded by broken glass. There was no shelter from the elements, and we have been having winter in Houston this year, so temperatures have dipped as low as the 20’s. This was no life for any dog, especially a fine dog like Shapiro!
Shapiro is laid back, sweet, easy-going, and good on a leash. A member of the Australian Cattle Dog family, Shapiro is intelligent, loyal, and has the potential to do well at canine sports. Shapiro is friendly, and will be intensely faithful to his own special person, earning the nickname “shadow dog.”
Shapiro won’t require much in the way of grooming, so you can get by with once-a-week brushing (unless it is shedding season) and nail trimming, if walks do not adequately trim his nails for you. That is great motivation for keeping up with your daily walks!
Some Australian Cattle Dogs have a strong prey drive, so keep this in mind when around cats, squirrels and other small critters.
The most important thing to know about Shapiro is that whoever takes him home is getting more than just a friend for life! Shapiro will find himself hopelessly devoted to you!