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Trix was rescued from BARC’s death row, and is on a mission to live the rest of her days like there’s a treat-filled kong around every corner! The only thing missing is her forever family to guide her on her next big adventure. Come meet Trix today and start on your adventure with the love of a lifetime!

Trix’s Traits:

Walkin’ on Sunshine: Trix is a happy gal who loves to go on long walks. What could be better than smelling all of the smells and feeling all of the feels that this bright, beautiful world has to offer?! The best thing after a long walk is a good snuggle and belly rub. *sigh* Heaven on earth!

Tricksy Trix: Trix is one smart cookie! She is house trained, walks well on leash, and knows the commands: no, come, and paw. She’s treat motivated and lives to please her person. There’s no end to the things Trix can learn!

Perfect Day: Trix’s perfect day would start with waking up snuggled with her forever family. After a good morning snuggle sesh to start the day, her next step would be breakfast! Trix loves to eat! After breakfast, she would love a long walk, followed by playtime with a pup friend, an afternoon nap and snack, a nice evening stroll, then bedtime with her family. Sprinkle in belly rubs, pets, and treats, and this girl will be on cloud 9! Are you just the person to spoil little Trix for life? She so deserves it. Come on, already; she can’t wait to meet you!