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That’s right! This dog loves just about everyone, despite a rough beginning. It’s hard to imagine that Marie was found emaciated and alone in a park. Aside from some aches and pains that have accumulated over the years, Marie is in fabulous shape and spirits!

What we love about Marie:

This is one laid back dog! Her favorite thing to do is to lie down happily at your feet and watch TV, or snooze while you read a book.
The quintessential walking partner! Marie is generally very well-behaved on the leash. She’s not a habitual puller and loves long strolls around the neighborhood.
She’s got good house manners! Marie is quiet, calm and well-behaved at home and not destructive. She’s even crate-trained, to doubly ensure that your chewables are safe!
She’s not fazed by loud noises! Thunderstorms and Fireworks? Not a problem! Marie maintains a high level of conduct and decorum around sounds that many dogs find stressful.
She wants to be your co-pilot! Or, rather, she would love to employ you as her chauffeur! Interestingly, Marie typically enjoys car rides by lying calmly along the length of the rear seat floorboards.

As friendly and outgoing as Marie is, we do think she’d be better off with older children, who would be gentle and respectful of her, as she does have some sore bits. We really do think that Marie loves everyone, though, and that there’s a good chance that you could love her right back!