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Tyco is a playful, friendly dog that enjoys being around adults, children, and other dogs. Tyco has been lonely since his favorite human joined the military, and is looking for that special someone that will be there for him. Tyco is an active dog that likes being with you, so if you are taking a lonely walk each day, he would love to join you!
Get to know Tyco better:
He’s great with kids!
He makes friends easily at the dog park!
He loves giving and receiving love and affection!
He is smart and knows many commands!
Tyco has had a certain song is stuck in his head lately--and the lyrics Tyco keeps hearing over and over are “Can anybody find me…somebody to love!” He knows there is somebody out there looking for an all-around nice dog just like him! He’s ready for love to strike, but first, Tyco has to meet you!