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Three pups on a busy street is bad news. One didn’t make it, but three were rescued when their savior made a quick U-turn. Victor, Johna and Jazzmin are lucky dogs!
Their mama was a rolling stone of the Labrador variety, while their Pit mix dad spent his time on the chain gang in someone’s yard most of the time. This means that Victor, Johna and Jazzmin have great growth potential! Right now, they are kind of shy and learning the ways of the world in their new life. Although they need socialization, they warm up quickly and vie for your attention!
The mix of Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull makes for an interesting and intelligent dog that will be a wonderfully loving family dog. You will get a loyal, affectionate and devoted canine family member.
Now that you have an idea of what Jazzmin will be like, all you need to do is to get everything ready for him to come home with you! As you train Jazzmin, you will form a strong bond that will last a life time! Think of all the things you will do together! Meet Jazzmin, and you will feel the love!