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Chip will end up with someone who really wants him and not someone making an impulse flea market purchase. With a Bull Mastiff mom and a Pit Bull mix father, Chip will do some serious growing during their first two years! Knowing his chances of success in life if left at the flea market, Chip’s rescuer made the decision to purchase him!
From the Bull Mastiff, Chip will be docile, affectionate and good-natured, and will do best with a confident, consistent human. The Pit Bull side will give you a dog that is trustworthy and friendly to people. As with any dog, Chip will be greatly influenced by you, as you train him to be the very best friend possible!

All about Chip:
He thinks he is a giant!
He is calm with his human.
Chip likes to hear you sing! His favorites are Christmas carols and the ABC song!
Chip already knows both his name and the command sit!

Chip is a legend…in his own mind! He would like to become legendary in your mind as well. Chip has the potential to be an absolutely extraordinary dog! If you have been looking for a puppy that will be not only a great dog, but great in size, you have to meet Chip! Chip is the puppy you’ve been waiting for!