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Found in north Houston and taken in and named by folks at Houston’s Kid’s Directory, Schnauzer/Terrier mix KD likes children, and adults! KD enjoys playing with toys and being around people. He is calm, obedient, and wants to please people!

Why KD is the dog for you!

He is house trained and great indoors!
Thunderstorms don’t bother him!
He’s well-mannered on a leash!
He likes car rides!
He’s smart, and knows several commands!

KD has what it takes to be your dog! He is laid back and agreeable with whatever is going on in your home. KD will always be there for you--ready to do whatever you want or go places with you. The main thing KD wants is just to be with you! Meet KD and take him for a walk, spending some on-on-one time to find out if he is your perfect match!