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Pepe, whose real name is Pepperoni, was found outside of a high school. The first two days, Pepe spent his time in school loving the students and getting loved on in return! After his brief educational experience, Pepe decided that he needed a forever home more than a love affair with the students!
What makes Pepe/Pepperoni so hot?
He’s house trained!
He loves people and fellow canines!
He enjoys car rides and is okay with thunderstorms or loud noises!
He is super social and loves playing with toys!
Pepe’s tail is always wagging! He can be timid with men initially, then warms up and becomes incredibly playful! Pepe is simply a good-natured, all-around great dog to have and to hold, till death do you part! Pepe just wants to go home with you forever! Meet Pepe, and put some spice in your life!