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Niles is a Dachshund mix that looks like a purebred! He was abandoned in a pet carrier in front of a building, and the people arriving to work found him one morning. With no one to call family, Niles is actively searching for someone to call his own!
Get to know Niles:
He’s adorable!
Super friendly and loves to be carried around!
He will be a small dog—great for an apartment!
He may bark while crated if he can see you.
Dachshunds love to be close to their humans and “help” with whatever they are doing! They are intelligent, clever, lively, and courageous. Independent, a Dachshund needs someone to look up to for leadership.
Once you have food, toys, a crate and supplies ready for Niles at home, take him home and get to know him better. He is a small dog that won’t need a ton of exercise, but he will need enough to prevent weight gain and maintain good health. Niles is a versatile dog ready and willing to bond with you and share a lifetime of happy memories!