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Found on the streets scrounging around for food, her foster family lured her to safety. Star is a great house guest, however; she needs a loving human to call her own…forever! Star is sweet, energetic, likes people, and most of all—she loves being loved!

Why you should set your sights on Star:

She loves being a pet and all the love that comes with this honor!
She is a great house dog and is not destructive!
She is super playful, and loves the water!

You know how sometimes the biggest trash talker in the game is the one who is least confident in their abilities?  Well, that would be Star.  She likes some other dogs, but if she feels threatened, she may posture herself by barking to appear bigger and badder than she really is.  This girl needs a proper intro in order to play well with other pups. She has come from a hard life, and likes for her stuff to be her stuff so don’t try and take it away. Star promises to give you all the good loving you could ever ask for! Star is smart and has learned several commands, so when you add everything up, you’re going to get the best of everything with sweet, lovable Star! You’ve got to meet this gal!