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Perry, Pascal, Pax and Pierce are a mix of Bull Mastiff and Pit Bull Terrier also known at the Pit Bullmastiff. Born in January, these precious puppies are ready to win your heart and become part of your family! With the weather warming, this is a great time to adopt that puppy you’ve been waiting for!

Perry’s nickname is “the perpetrator,” because when something is going on with the litter, Perry is at the heart of it! While Perry is a natural leader, he gets along well with older dogs—and listens to them. Not only is Perry the leader of the pack, he is confident, funny and a bit mischievous.

Perry is ready to go home with you and make your world a better place! He is a smart dog and is the perfect age to begin training, as he will catch on quickly! Meet Perry and see if this little guy is that special puppy you’ve been longing for!