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Nicholas lived in a hoarding situation where he was severely neglected. He was in rough shape when a kind stranger rescued him. His hair was long and matted, and he could barely see, but what a difference some TLC makes! Underneath all that fur was a handsome little fella, just waiting to get out and say “Helllooo, World!” Are you ready to continue educating Nicholas on the good life? This sweet man can’t wait for you to teach him some new tricks!

Nicholas’ Basics

The Future is Bright: In the short amount of time that Nicholas has been off of the streets, he’s proven himself to be quite an adaptable little guy! He plays well with his foster’s dog, is house broken, and just generally happy to be there! He can’t wait to learn more tricks with his forever family!

All You Need is Love: Nicholas loves to be loved! When he first meets you he may be a little shy. He’s had a hard go of it, and needs to be reminded sometimes of how friendly people can be. After he’s warmed up to you, though, you won’t find a better or more loyal lap warmer around!

Perfect Day: Nicholas’ perfect day would start by waking up snuggled next to his human. After a lot of morning snuggles and a simple breakfast, he would love going on a leisurely walk or playing with some other small pup friends at the dog park. His perfect day would end how it began, snuggled up next to the friend that has promised to take care of him for life… uuhhh he thinks that might be you. Come by and meet Nicholas today!