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Evelina was found as a stray with her (six!) puppies. She’s been an awesome mom, but she’s been so busy that she hasn’t taken any time for herself! We think it’s about time for Evelina to bask in sunny rays of the love of her furrever family. Are you just the person to pamper this hard working Mama? She can’t wait to meet you!

Evelina’s Basics

Affectionate Evelina: This pretty pup is full of love! In fact, her foster says that’s the most special thing about her; Evelina’s tiny body somehow holds the biggest heart in all of doggie-dom. Sure, if you adopted Evelina, you would take good care of her, but this Mama would also make sure to take care of you. It’s impossible to have a bad day with Evelina around to snuggle your problems away!
Mellow Yellow: Evelina is a chill girl who likes to lounge around, but she wouldn’t turn down a treat! She’s still getting accustomed to being an inside dog and is spending most of her time taking care of her puppies right now, but after she’s had some down time, we’re sure this smart people pleaser will be able to learn all of kinds of new things!

Perfect Day: Evelina’s perfect day is pretty basic, just snuggling with her family! If you’re looking for the best, relax on the couch, snuggly, lovie, precious gal pal, this girl is it! Come on by and meet Evelina today!