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Evie was rescued from a hoarding situation. Evie is still shy and trying to overcome her past, but the best way to do that is with a bright new future! Are you the perfect family to give this gentle girl a safe, loving environment to heal and learn to love? She is desperately waiting for you!

All About Evie:

People Pleaser: Evie spent her whole life in a hoarding situation, and because of that is quite shy. However, in the short two weeks that she’s lived with her foster, she’s already starting to bloom into the beautiful pup she is! She has learned how to get treats out of a treat puzzle and is already housetrained. With love and patience, there’s no end to the amazing world that you and Evie can discover together!

All You Need is Love: Evie is going to need lots and lots of love, good thing she’s so cute and easy to adore! Evie’s favorite time of day, right now, is when the house is quiet and she can snuggle up on her foster’s bed and get some gentle pets. She’s learning how nice it can be to be in the company of her human. Evie’s like a sponge, soakin’ up all of the love her heart can hold!

Perfect Day: Evie’s perfect day is simple, waking up next to her human, and spending a quiet day with them. After her noisy past, this little gal’s heart needs some time to heal. Are you just the person to guide Evie on her journey to discover what boundless beauty that this wide world has to offer? Come by and meet her