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Sam is a great Lab mix looking for the perfect retirement gig! Sam is pretty laid back, and would be great for a person that wants a dog, but doesn’t want to go through the puppy routine. Sam is in his middle years, and will need daily exercise, so you can take leisurely walks together!

Sam has an interesting story. You see, Sam lived at a men’s halfway house, where he was allowed to roam. Once, he had been missing for four weeks when he first encountered FFL. Sam’s microchip indicated that he had been adopted from BARC, and they directed him back home. Weeks later, Sam was given up and returned to BARC, but since he still had a tag from FFL, this lucky dog is getting another chance! Isn’t great how things work out sometimes?

Sam likes men, but would be happy with just about anyone. Sam is a great dog that will be your best friend for many years! You and Sam will have many wonderful experiences together, but you’ll have to meet this special dog first! Come by and meet Sam. Sam wants to meet you!