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Brandy—her very name has become synonymous with friendliness at Friends For Life. She is so socially appropriate with other dogs that our behavior team uses her to dog test other dogs!

More Brandy Awesomeness:
- This well-mannered lady is housetrained and trustworthy when left home alone.
- Brandy tunes her play style to match the personality of her doggie playmate. She excels at both Chase and Wrestle.
- As much as Brandy loves to play, she really does enjoy her downtime. At home, she is pretty calm and easygoing.
- How many dogs can say that they are both dog AND cat friendly? We’re sure it’s not many, but Brandy sure can!
- She loves learning and already knows how to Sit on cue.

Brandy is simply an all-around good dog that ticks off all of the items on your must-have list. Brandy can be your walking buddy, your TV-watching buddy, your dog park buddy and whatever other kind of buddy you need. All you have to do is to be the one to take her home!