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Super-dog Marley was rescued from death row at BARC. Marley will win you over with his sweet and loving disposition and readiness for play, affection, or whatever you are in the mood for!

Why we love Marley – and you should, too!

All of his house manners are accounted for:
- He is reliably housetrained.
- He goes into his crate on cue and stays there comfortably.
- He is well-behaved when left alone at home.

Marley is great with other dogs and loves just about every pup he meets. He loves to play chase and is completely comfortable sharing his toys.

As much as he loves to play, Marley is also capable of tailoring his energy level to suit yours. If you’d rather hang around on the couch, he’ll be there your side, snuggling up to you.

With all his silliness and cuddliness, Marley is also an A+ student and already knows basic commands, like Sit, Down, and Come.

He is not only a great companion for dogs and humans, but he also does well with cats!