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Tad is looking for a new home. He is affectionate, and generally calm inside the house. Tad is smart and learns quickly, so he should be able to master your training goals. Friendly and obedient, Tad wants to be the dog that makes you happy!

Why you will be fortunate to choose Tad:
- He is kennel trained!
- While looks aren’t everything, he’s definitely got ‘em!
- He likes car rides, and is not bothered by thunderstorms!
- He knows commands and tricks, and is familiar with clicker training!

What’s not to love about a dog that will stand on his hind legs to “beg”? Tad is a great dog, that really needs someone like you. Tad will reward you with more love and devotion than you ever thought possible! Meet Tad--and see how well the two of you match up!