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Marisol and her sister Maribel were abandoned in the middle of a pouring rainstorm. Once dry, Marisol was found to be a cute Chihuahua mix. She is ready to move in with you and begin training! Marisol will need daily exercise, but an easily managed amount.

Why Marisol should be your hot tamale!

Her personality will far exceed her size!
She loves to be close to her people!
On the go? She’ll go with you!
When you make learning fun, she will be a quick study!

Marisol will be an affectionate family dog, and her oversized personality will appeal to many! She is smart and will thrive on positive reinforcement while training. Marisol will be curious, and boldly go where no dog you’ve had before ventured, giving you valuable insight as to what makes her ‘tick’! Your life with Marisol is going to be an adventure of love, affection, fun, and exploration! Meet Marisol, and begin your adventure today!